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How do I know my transporter is operating legally?

This is a question we are often asked at Legal Horse Transport Network.

There are strict regulations and guidelines regarding the transport of all live animals, not just horses. All Transporters on the Legal Horse Transport Network website have sent us their documentation before we’ve added them to our website.

To sum up in brief for the UK and Ireland these are the basics. The governing bodies in the U.K. are DEFRA and in Ireland DAFM. As the EU brought in these regulations in 2007 they should be applicable to the whole of the EU.

For short journeys of up to 8 hours:

• Type 1 Transporter Authorisation.
• Drivers and attendants should be in possession of a Certificate of Competence.
• Valid and up to date insurance covering hire and reward.

For longer journeys over 8 hours:
In addition to the above a Type 2 Transporter Authorisation:

• Vehicles inspected and approved.
• Contingency plans for emergencies in place.

Further requirements for both Type 1 and 2

If a vehicle is over 3.5 tonne laden weight, this includes the combined weight of a towing vehicle and trailer, then an Operator’s Licence is required, and a tachograph should be fitted to the vehicle.

It is also advisable, although not a legal requirement for breakdown cover and rescue to be in place.

You can ask your transporter for proof of these documents, all the transporters on Horse Transport Network have sent in their documents before being added to the website. However the contract is between you and the transporter, so it is up to you to check the details.

If you have any questions or concerns about your horse’s journey then ask your transporter, who will be happy to advise you of the care they will take of your precious equine whilst in their custody.

There are no guarantees and with the best of care and preparation things may still go wrong. That is why all these measures are in place, and remember to keep your part of the contract. Read Help Your Transporter. For whatever your reason you need your horse transported, the transporters on this website are here to give the best possible service and strive to offer a legal and as safe as possible transportation service.

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